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Today is IUD insertion day! (Update)

Update: Thank you all SO MUCH for sharing your stories and warnings. I survived the insertion! The tube the Mirena comes in is made of plastic and has some give, so it took a few tries to get it in past the cervix, but we did it! The cramping is really something though, and coming in waves. I found myself in Target after I got out of PP, literally walking the aisles and thinking "What will make me feel good now?" Apparently Fage honey yogurt and a bougie sweet-smelling soy wax candle are the answers to that question. I may also consider a delayed 4/20 celebration this evening if this keeps up. Only because I like to avoid alcohol (and caffeine) when cramped. It also turned out that my insurance covered all of it (huzzah!) and so I decided to make a somewhat generous donation to PP. Here's hoping for some good reproductive karma!

Original post:

I know I don't post often, but what I love about reading all the posts is the general sense of camaraderie in the comments section. So, there must be people out here with Mirena, right? I have an appointment to get one this afternoon and I'm a little nervous. Reading on the internet at large is no good because there seem to be as many positive stories as negative.


Also, can I continue to take my pill for a bit to help my body settle in, or do I just stop it after today? I think I'm most worried about getting off the pill! It seriously made my life so much better in terms of PMS/cramps/bloating and general moodiness. I've been on it for three years and if I weren't traveling abroad so much this year, I would just stay on it.

Speaking of traveling — will I really have cramps and spotting for the next three months? I sure hope not. I don't even think I can handle it this week, what with 2 grant app deadlines and other work stuff. When I called to make the appointment I asked if I'd have to take a couple of days off and the person speaking to me said I could go back to work this afternoon and won't need to take any days off. This is true, right? I hope it's true.

Share your stories, be they reassuring or terrifying, so I can at least ask good questions before going through with it! Thank you!

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