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I received two very very special packages in the mail today. First I'll talk about the one I was expecting, and then the one I was not:

I got my twinkle lights! So now my mini pole studio in my living room is complete! They have the option to blink in multiple patterns, which is going to be way fun to play with while freestyling. And since they've arrived, I finally put up my mirrors I got from Target ($5.50 each!)


I also received my (semi) surprise package from the good folks at Lelo! It came with a Crushed Berry Fusion candle, a coffee table reader called Lelo: Ten Years of Pleasure, and a Lelo Ina Wave! Thanks for catching that, Lelo rep!

I'm gonna have a full review of the Lelo products hopefully tomorrow so that anyone wanting to take advantage of their free shipping can do so by NYE. But for now, twinkly lights!!!!

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