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I am *mumbletypeg* years old!

(First time autocorrect gave me an improvement...mumbletypeg!!)

I have been celebrating like it’s Saturday; with free desserts, free cold drinks, and free dog biscuits! They even bought me a beer at dinner! I don’t always get older, but when I do, I hunt down free stuff. *manly wink*


I also shopped at the thrift store, took the dog to the lake, and viewed some early adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester. I now have a snoring dog on my feet (so cute!) and Tony Moly lotion/face mask to use while I watch a funny movie. (Or the Yellow Fever Supernatural episode—”That was scary!!”) I might even paint my nails.

So tell me, GT, what do YOU do to celebrate/pamper yourself? What is your favorite way to indulge in self care? Cake or cookies? Picnic hike or popcorn movies? Purple or blue nail polish? Dean or Sam?

Favorite gifs and adorable puppies (and kittens) welcome!

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