I have been computer power cord-less since my radio show on Thursday. While initially stressful, things turned out pretty well. Obvs, missed Day of the Doctor and Husband and I were too emotionally pooped on Saturday to turn out anywhere. I'd like to think of it as my interests not being as ridged as they once were but I also think there was pure laziness in there.

Because no computer, no spoilers. Another problem solved by the inconvenience of going to downtown Chicago during a Holiday weekend! So today is MY Day of the Doctor. Or at least it will be in 8 minutes (if the internet downloading Gods are good to me... Here. I'll slaughter five doge gifs/pics for them)


and another one since my download is done!


So things on GT turned upside down again, huh? During some computer-less thinking (ok, I had my tablet and phone but barely looked at anything except Intervention eps on Amazon), it came to me that these are GTs growing pains. We're an unruly teenager who does crazy stupid things, bitches a lot about things inside and outside of our control, and leaves the room in a huff to slam our doors shut. (And no, I have no idea what dramas have occurred and am stopping my inner gossip/MUST KNOW ALL THE THINGS! from running riot)

The awesome thing about teenagers though is that so many things are going on within them that AMAZING things are also possible. We've done a lot of great things and will continue to do more. Slaybelle's addition to the "Don't be a jerk" rule is awesome. I'd post a link but too busy with DOGES!!!