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Welcome To The Bitchery

His father and I were incredibly close for the two years we dated. He was basically like a father to me, as well. He often called me his favorite child and such. Even right after the ex dumped me, his father sat with me for hours talking to me and trying to help (there were many times he said "you're better than him. You deserve better. I love my son but he didn't appreciate you").

I was thinking of stopping by the house after school for a few minutes and bringing some donuts or something. If I go right after school, at around 6-6:30, the ex will still be at work/won't be home yet. Is this crossing a line? His father had told me, repeatedly, that he still considers me part of his family and I'm always welcome in his home no matter what.


Should I just not go to the house? Should I call/text my ex first and see if he minds? Part of me feels like I don't need permission to see his father, but another part of me feels like I should be courteous and at least give the ex a heads up. What do you guys think? Or should I stay away from the house entirely and just call Dad to wish him a Happy Birthday?

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