Apparently I do not yet have the social skills necessary to navigate frustrating social situations today.

Scenario 1: I'm in a class where the teacher is a classic extrovert, and tries to treat the class like they're all like that. She decides for our presentations, we're going to make up the grading rubric and grade it ourselves, instead of her grading us, and tells us just to have a group discussion on what should be included in the rubric. Because I'm so anxious about presentations, I want an objective rubric, one where I can say "okay, if I do X, Y, and Z, I'll get an A." But the loud, aggressive guys on the other side of the room disagree and I don't have the balls to stand up to them and explain why it's important to me to have an objective grading scale - they feel like it's fine to just say "I feel like it's a B" and leave it at that, with no reasoning behind gut feeling. The only suggestion that I got out, that eye contact should be on the rubric, is roundly mocked. Shocker: the people who were gung-ho about discussing how to grade also suggest discussing the grades you give in front of the presenter, defending your choice to the entire class if you're different from the general consensus, and settling on a grade that way instead of just averaging each grade individually. So basically I'm just going to wait until the discussion portion of each presentation and silently give the presenter whatever the consensus grade is, because there's no way in hell I'll be able to defend my grading choice against 10 classmates that aggressively disagree with me.

Scenario 2: Some of my friends that graduated are coming back to campus this weekend to visit. The plan was initially on Friday to hang out at the friend's place they're staying at, and Saturday after the football game to head back to Boyrax's and my place to hang out - we had already gotten deep into planning it. Then one friend, I'll call her Heather, got an invite to a haunted house on Saturday and instead of recognizing that there were plans already in place tried to change them. And not by suggesting "hey, let's do X instead!", but by inviting them out and ignoring the fact that we had literally just confirmed the plans with her the night before. She did this last time this group of friends came into town too - changed the plans last minute in such a way that Boyrax and I almost couldn't participate in them. Last time, it was below freezing and she was trying to convince Boyrax and I to walk half an hour when being inside in the heat I shiver and my fingers turn blue, because she decided she didn't want to wait in traffic to get us. This time, she got invited to a haunted house and wanted everyone else to come along, which would be terrifying and upsetting for me because I'm easily scared and HATE horror anything. Both times was an innocent-seeming plan change that just happened to exclude me in particular. I'm loathe to accuse her of anything because she never struck me as disliking me or anything, it just sucks because now I have to be the one to put my foot down and say "no Heather we can't do that, we already have plans", or else she'll talk them all into haunted house night and Boyrax and I will be left out again. :/

Edit: One of the people coming suggested they do the haunted house on Sunday and the other one said he would if he wasn't hanging out at our place! Crisis averted by good friends!!

Today is not a good day for my social skills. I need Angry Orchard.