Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Today is not my day

I'm home sick, and I'm super depressed about it. I'm pretty sure I have a UTI, but I can't get in until tomorrow so I get to feel awful all day. My manager is really pissed because she's also the GM so now a bunch of stuff for all the stores is put on hold, and I've been late a lot lately (it doesn't really inconvenience anyone most of the time, but it's the principle of the thing) so obviously she's pissed about that. Like I really do not need her pissed at me. Also, I have like no food here and I was gonna go to dinner with some friends, but obviously that's off so idk. ALSO, kinja decided to put this all in italics and Idk how because I'm on my phone.


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