I got paid yesterday and I still can't afford rent for this month. And I definitely won't be able to afford it next month. Even if we split it into two payments, as our building is so so so very graciously allowing us to do.

Mr.TenInch just found out that he has a legal hearing the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS so we have to completely rearrange our christmas plans, which just really really sucks because it'll now be my first Christmas ever not spent with my family and that makes me really sad.

I am on my period so everything is making me cry and I'm cramping really bad.

I'm no longer very sure about my decision to quit job from hell because at least when I was working job from hell I could pay my bill and had health insurance. I love my job now. I really enjoy the people that I work with and the work that we do... but I don't know if happiness with life is worth not being able to afford basic things like rent and bills and groceries.

Pls send kitty gifs.