Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I celebrated by cooking butter chicken with potatoes and mushrooms. My whole house smells sooo good.

It's almost distracting me from the fact that The Nerdy Mr. and I are going through the worst freelance lull we've ever had. We just spent 3 months on a big project that you guys heard a bit about, but I still can't show anyone. Or put it on my resume. And I know that's what's killing us. A three month gap in a freelance resume looks like we may as well have been unemployed for a year. And I could fix that by showing them what we did in person, but I'm explicitly forbidden from doing it any other way but face to face. Suggestions? Advice? Someone in the metro NYC area needs video production services? Heh, that last one was at least worth asking.


Back to Distraction Plan part II— lotion making. (Pics later.)

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