and that it can't be bothered to remember things like "what date is today." I've been procrastinating paying my Home Depot bill (it's an anxiety thing. Not the HD bill; that's for a washer that we bought on one of those No-Payments-Until-2082 deals). I really didn't want to pay it late, but I didn't want to go to pay it and see that it was late, so instead, I'll just sit here, be unproductive and also freak out about stuff that is perfectly in my control to fix. But I have to bite the bullet, so I check my e-mail. Yup, sure enough, I look in my e-mail, look at the due date and go, yup, that was yesterday. (I say yup a lot. It's a Texan thing, I guess.) So I go online to pay my bill, pick the amount to pay, see the date and.... wait, what? They're letting it go through on yesterday's date? Okay, I'll go with it. I click ahead, sure I'll get the RED ERROR MESSAGE OF DOOM! YOUR PAYMENT IS LATE AND YOUR CREDIT IS FUCKED FOR LIFE! BETTER RUN, BECAUSE WE'RE COMING FOR YOUR WASHER!!!

I don't.

It's at this point I actually check the date. You see, I was operating under the assumption that today was the 27th. It's the 26th.

I am dumb, and I couldn't be happier about it.