And I’m fairly nervous about the outcome. As some of you may know, we have our own Trump look and act-alike in our country and I fear he may not loose as many seats as he should. His election program (or whatever you call it) is 1 sheet long. It consists of things such as : closing all mosque’s, banning the Koran, exit the EU, allow preventative lock-up of ‘radical muslims’, close al asylum centres.

In the past 4 years his party had a lot of seats, but due to his inability to work with others he never became part of the ‘reigning’ coalition. In my country we have a wide variety of parties that can all become part of our established government if they become part of the coalition. If not, they can still vote, bring up new ideas etc. But the majority is in the coalition and therefor has the most power to make plans into reality. What if this time around they forget his asshole behaviour towards the other parties and he does end up ruling? His party has become the biggest or second biggest in our country.

I truly feel that we need to change the environment, that the energy crisis we find ourselves in isn’t valued for what it is: a big source of many of our problems (from instability in regions, to job availability, innovation in energy and stabilising the environment together can do a LOT, locally an globally). We need different things, a new wind, but a wind that will bring innovation and inclusiveness. Not xenophobia, or trudging along the same path. For the first time in as long as I care to remember some of the parties had an abortion ban as part of their plans. In my country this is unheard of. Unthought of. It’s a right that we fight for. We need change. Yet religious parties, ‘rich people’ parties and a xenophobic party look like they’ll keep a strong hold on our political system.

I’m afraid. Not for myself, not for the 4 years that come, but for those in my society that are in a vulnerable position and for the future that it’ll introduce.

I’ve been barely working for the past 2 months due to health reasons and a possible burnout. News and politics have been a no-no for my health and I haven’t been allowed to read much of it. But I still have kept an eye open, given myself headaches trying to keep up. So I could do my duty to vote. The only hope I have is that it looks like our turnouts today will be much higher than last time.


Politics has not been going well this year guys :(