Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

After work we will be picking up my husband's great aunt's dog which is a tiny Maltese mutt rescue. The aunt is in the hospital with serious health problems and the poor guy has kind of been in shock. He is really a great dog so far as we have seen. We took him over night once to make sure the cats wouldn't be an issue and everyone played really nice. The dog gave the cats space, didn't chase them or anything. The cats kept their distance but were incredibly curious.

Between mine and my husband's schedule the dog will only be only for 3 hours tops which is good since he is use to human attention 24/7. During the time we are away he will be crated in our bedroom since the cats are larger than the dog and we just don't want to take any risks.


Suggestions? I haven't had a dog in a decade and I don't want to mess him up in the time I'm watching him.

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