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Today, ugh.

Today was shitty.

To set the stage: It is the end of the semester and I have a gajillion things to do in the next week. I was at home all day trying to do schoolwork and I ended up getting NOTHING done.

I had class from 7-10pm. We had 6ish inches of snow fall in Winnipeg yesterday. The roads were abysmal, and they are still not so great in spots today (due to SHITTY snow removal).


On the way home from class, I was traveling 60ish on a main road (speed limit is 60). I see the traffic light ahead turn yellow. I am unfortunately in the dilemma zone, do I speed up to make it through the light or slam on the brakes to stop?

Well I initially slam my foot on the brake but I start to slide. I am afraid I will slide into the other lane or into the intersection during the red, so I take my foot off the brake and decide to try and make it through the light, so I put my foot on the gas. Hard.

THIS LIGHT HAD THE TRAFFIC PHOTO THINGIE. It took my picture, twice. Pretty sure I just got a $250 fine for going through a red light.

Then I got home and my husband ate all 5 pieces of leftover takeout pizza that were in the fridge so I got no leftovers. I AM SO ANGRY. TODAY SUCKS.


Also now my face is all puffy because I cry when I feel any emotion strongly, including anger and frustration. The red light, plus no leftovers REALLY pissed me off.


*I recognize these are not actually huge problems, and that I am very privileged, I just really needed to rant about some crappy parts of my day.

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