First, my Grandma gave me money which always makes me happy. Then New Boy and I had a kind of funny "well what do YOU want to do?" argument, which was amusing. Then I met New Boy at his job (at fucking NASA!) and we hung out there and got Chipotle (BURRITOS!) and then he took me to see Carrie which was...ok. But we held hands the whole time and I got cookie dough bites and popcorn!

Then we went back to his house and we joked around a bunch, and then fooled around a bunch (he's...good at taking directions *wink wink*). Then I came home and ate ALL the things in my fridge and got hella kitten kisses.

And tomorrow I have my sister's Halloween party and I get to dress as a glittery witch, and Sunday night my friends and I are getting sushi and drinks, and all in all this weekend has started out amazingly.