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Today was awesome.

My daughter and I got to go to the Anime Fest today.

We wandered through all the booths. I spent too much on this giant rainbowmoonstone. Now I just have to find a chain mighty enough to hold such a rock.


My daughter made out like a bandit. She got a wire wrap tiara in green and gold. Then we went upstairs and she got a pair of furry ears. Then Grandma said she would pay for a reasonably priced tiny hat for next years clown costume. Well, we ended up with a super cute tiny hat that was like the Cadillac of tiny hats. It has every ribbon, bow, trim it could have, but I figured that we could use it as a teaching tool to make our own later. We saw some epic wigs, but didn't pick one up because we spent all the money.

Little Moxie went to a panel on her own. I walked her down and said bye. Then I went up to donate blood. It's amazing how excited people get over O-negative. The first nurse looked up my history and asked if I had ever been asked about just giving red blood cells. No, no one has ever mentioned it. It takes longer, but you don't donate as often, the product is ready to use faster, and helps more people. So I said sure. I had no problems, but did mildly complain about the lack of gluten free snacks. I took my own fruit leather. Then I went and ate off of a food truck.

Little Moxie burnt out early and we headed home. She figured out that she had been wearing stuff on her head too long, so her headache went away after she took off her fuzzy ears.

Her brother got to run around with his Grandma, which was a little easier than having to run around with us.


Edited to add: I was amused by a guy who tried to sell me everything with Wonder Woman on it that he had even though I tried to explain that I like my shirt because it was Siouxsie Sioux as Wonder Woman. I don't think he had any idea who Siouxsie Sioux is. And there is no way I'm spending $40 on a dress that doesn't cover my butt and shows off every bulge. I haven't lost that much weight yet.

As a side note: the local news just explained that getting an antenna can help save money by allowing someone to get the major networks for free, but you don't get all the channels on basic cable. And you have to place the antenna in your house where it can receive the signal best, not necessarily right by your tv. I felt like I was being punked. Who is their audience?

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