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My sister and her husband have 3 dogs and 2 cats. Today one of the dogs killed one of the cats (her husband got him as a kitten and had him for 14 years). This particular dog has a very strong predator drive (though she has never harmed anything before) and they always keep the animals separated.

He was building a new cat house and Dill snuck out into the main yard, without him realizing. When he let the dogs out into the main yard Stella got ahold of Dill and shook him until his neck broke. My BIL witnessed the whole thing go down and is distraught. It is awful and I’m sure they are going to have to end up rehoming Stella—my BIL is so hurt and probably won’t be able to ever treat her the same again. They are also trying to have a baby and the risk is just too much.

Today sucks. If you’re having a drink tonight pour one out for Dill, the chillest cat ever who loved and cuddled like a dog. If you’ve ever had one pet kill another please tell me how my sister and BIL can heal.

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