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Welcome To The Bitchery

Today was not a good day tw: death

2 awful things happened today. *my family is all OK, for anyone who doesn’t want to read further*

ffirst thing this morning, i get a call from Bestie that her dog died. She wwas almost 14 and had terrible arthritis and was mostly incontinent, so this part was not a shock. SSad, yes, but not unexpected. The really hard part is that my oldest niece found her lying at the foot of the stairs, already gone. PPoor kid had hysterics. She’s had the dog since she was 3. Bestie ‘s grandfather, who basically raised her, died just few weeks ago, and now she’s lost her dog, too. :( O-H and I drove down for a couple hours and many hugs were given. I’m gonna miss that dopey old pooch, too, dammit.


TThen, just a little bit ago, I got a call from my youngest’s teacher. A classmate of his died today. A kid that he was good buddies with. He’s already upset about Bestie’s dog dying... I’m afraid he won’t handle this news well at all. I’ve decided to tell him in the morning because otherwise he won’t sleep. There’s going to be a wake next week, and I’m not sure if he’ll want to go or not.

TThis has not been a good day.

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