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I didn't get selected for a position I wanted but yet was encouraged to stay and finish my last two days...but my coworker was selected.

I only had a few people come up to my coworkers and myself's desk - all expressed shock at my not getting hired... which was very flattering but yet made it tough for me not to get all teary eyed... I think most everyone knows now.*sigh* Even ManCandy. I walked past him in the hallway but it appeared that he wanted to say something but just returned my hello.(I had another one of those semi-comical interactions with him. I don't know what his deal is but he makes me laugh by his actions which I am sure he would be mortified if he knew what thought. Sometimes, he almost flails around, I can almost see him thinking through things with his body. It's like, he has a thought, wants to express it, but then, thinks about it, thinks it isn't right, buthen, but then ok, but then ok maybe, but then no, then no maybe notnot... and all this is sort of a pacing awkward manner that is even awkwarder because it's exacerbated by his limp and his large frame). Anyway, as I was approaching, he looked around and did his little dance. I just waved 'hi' and kept walking.

Tomorrow, if the project we worked on isn't ready to be sent out, I'll probably seek him out, but glad to see him today :)


Tomorrow, is my last day at this job, and it makes me so sad...but it's been heavily hinted at that this other position is mine should I apply for it. I applied for it. We shall see. I am looking elsewhere as well. No telling what will happen.

But anyway, I didn't cry as much as I thought I would. Wish me luck tomorrow...sigh...

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