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And if anyone has a problem with that, they can get right the fuck off my cloud of happy. GRRRR!

I mean, I know the dress salon hasn't called me back yet (for the third time!) and my dad is being a dick and I've got a massive headache and the pharmacy got confused so they didn't fill my prescription so now I have to go back later, but TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY.

Because I got our engagement announcements in the mail today and more invitation samples so I can go nuts feeling all the paper, and I made a list of things to talk about with Mr Caterpillar later so we'll actually accomplish something significant.


I wish I could share them because they are adorable and I designed them myself but I really don't want to doxx myself. =( Trust me when I say they are adorable, though. =) I know engagement announcements are typically seen as a couple asking for gifts (that's what the etiquette books say, anyway) but since we won't be having an engagement party (at least not for a while) we wanted people to know. Plus it's a way to let my whole family know I'm getting married, since 99.9% of them won't be at the wedding.

Ok, GT- Tell me why you're happy today! Let's keep this happy going!!!!! EVERYONE MUST BE HAPPY OR THERE WILL BE BLOODSHED.


I've watched waaay too much GoT in the last two days.

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