Other-Husband had this caramel monkeybread mix that’s been sitting in the cabinet for at least a year. It calls for TWENTY SIX TABLESPOONS OF BUTTER,

but other than that, it was just the typical pain in the ass that monkey bread usually is. We had the bright idea to make it yesterday, but didn’t have the butter. So we walked to the store to get butter (it’s about a mile, so, not awful). We got home, and discovered that there was no brown sugar. Since nobody was walking back to the store, we decided to skip it. Picked up brown sugar today and the adventure began!

I decided to replace some of the butter with applesauce, since my arteries were clogging just by reading the recipe. 10 T of butter went into the dough, so I used 4 T butter, and the rest applesauce. This made the dough ridiculously sticky, because I forgot something important... it was “real” flour, not GF! We got it to cooperate, more or less, rolled the dough into balls, dunked them in butter, rolled them in cinnamon and brown sugar, and stacked the dough balls in a loaf pan. Pour over the rest of the melted butter and brown sugar, pop in the oven, set the timer for 35 minutes, and go relax.

I went to my place (we live in next-door apartments) and about 10 minutes later, I hear someone’s smoke alarm start going off. This is not uncommon around here, the smoke alarms go off every time you turn on the oven in some of these apartments, so I didn’t think anything about it. (Can you guess where this is going? I bet you can!) It doesn’t stop going off, and a minute later, O-H comes blasting through my kitchen door and says, “HELP!” I go over there, and opened his kitchen door... only to be met with a wall of smoke.


Apparently, the loaf pan was not big enough, and when the dough started to rise, it boiled over all over the floor of the oven. Butter and brown sugar makes a hell of a mess in the bottom of an oven, btw, in case you ever wondered. So we propped open doors and windows, started fans, stood there flapping towels, etc. I hung a damp towel over the smoke detector, so it finally shut up (that thing is LOUD), and put another one over the oven vent, which was still pouring out smoke.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well and all that. I dumped the partially cooked bread into a larger pan, and put it in the oven at my place to finish cooking. And it was delicious, so it was worth the hassle!


Oh, I almost forgot... I brought it back over to O-H’s and in trying to not drop the glass pan and open the door, I managed to get my foot caught by the screen door and came crashing though the door with all the grace of an elephant on ice.Almost-MIL was in the kitchen and witnessed me falling through the door, of course. But I didn’t drop it!