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Today's Facebook sad eyeroll

I checked Facebook for the first time in three days. I scrolled down and noticed a link to an article in our local paper.

I would share it, but I would definitely doxx myself if I did. Suffice to say that it was about a cheerleader for the professional sports team my BiL plays on. She attended the same school that my BiL, my husband, and I attended. They attended the same college. Basically a lot of superficial connections. She's just finishing undergrad which means she was in elementary school when BiL graduated high school. It just felt like the writer was trying to make a lot of connections between the two, however tenuous. That's just a pet peeve I have with our local paper, not much else.


What bothered me was the actual interview with the young woman. I can't say I believe the girl when she said that she spends EVERY Friday and Saturday night at home studying rather than going out to enjoy a bit of fun in the decently-sized city where the team is based. Okay, fine. I'll giver her a pass for wanting to sound studious and, well, kinda boring for an interview that her entire family and hometown will read (and likely save).

Then she says, and I'm paraphrasing, that she loves cheering, loves entertaining the crowd, and wants to enter the entertainment industry after school. Sounds like she has a decent start with her current gig, right? Not quite.

In the very next sentence she says (again I'm paraphrasing) that as much as she loves entertaining others, she wants a successful marriage. Huh? What? What does entertaining others have to do with a successful marriage? Apparently EVERYTHING because as soon as she gets engaged she is SO outta there. She is going to give up the thing that she has strived for several years for to, you know, complete a man.

Eyes on floor, rolling under the couch. Ew, dust bunny eyeballs.

It makes me feel even worse to realize that I am a complete hypocrite in this instance. I married young. Yes, I finished undergrad after we married. However, I deferred the plan of graduate school because I was pregnant. 3 babies, a foreclosure, and defaulted student loans later and it is obvious an MFA will never be in my grasp. I haven't written anything worthwhile in three years. Life gets in the way even when you have no intentions of letting it. I'm sad to see anyone actually plan to drop their dreams for a wedding ring.


Oh, well. I wish her luck.

The dinosaur bones has shit to do with this post. I just feel really old right now.

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