Fasten your seat belts, Gummi Nation, we've got a wild one for you tonight. Into the doldrums of May waltzes the eccentricity of Haribo: Phantasia, about which we have come to some conclusions which, while not entirely scientific, are indeed definitive, namely:

1) the flavors here are all over the place: the gummi elephant is pineapple-accented, the little gummi racecar lemon-and-vanilla-creamy, the gummi crocodile strawberry-and-creamish, while Gummi Satan (GUMMI SATAN??) has a distinctively tart lemon-limey flavor. The gummi cola tastes like root beer, the various gummi dinos are multiflavored, as are the gummi pacifiers. The Gummi coelacanth has a grapey-boysenberry flavor that blends well with its primitive vanillin lobe-fins, while the gummi lion is distinctively pearish and the gummi tiger is… not sure, maybe watermelony-orange;

2) the textures are similarly all over the place, from the soft foamy-accented light chewiness of the gummi gators and gummi coelacanths to the hardcore gummi toothbounce of the gummi dinosaurs; and

3) the kooky surreality of the mix here is also its greatest strength. If Salvador Dali had dabbled in the arts of gummi, this would be his contribution. There's little focus, but the joyous gummi anarchy is a victory in and of itself.

From left: a trio of Gummi Satans, Gummi Cola, Gummi Pacifier, Gummi Elephant, Gummi Lion, Gummi Tiger up top, the white blob is Gummi Racecar, below that Gummi Alligator and Gummi Coelacanth, two Gummi Dinosaurs far right, one a lumbering Gummi Sauropod of some kind, the other a predatory Gummi Theropod.

Final Gummi Grade:
A-, for a delightful gummicopia of everything but the gummi kitchen sink, a gummélange of everything from the gummi drawing board. Points lost only for cohesion and focus, but that's a quibble. This is some fine expansion of the Gummimaker's craft into the realm of the phantasmagoric, and pushing the envelope of Gummi design is always something to be applauded.