Some conservative cartoonist apparently thinks that the ACA requiring coverage of birth control pills is going to give men oral herpes and OMG WHO WILL THINK OF THE MEN WHO MIGHT GET ORAL HERPES THROUGH NO ACTION OF THEIR OWN?

I'm not against birth control or nor do I feel that it is any of my business what people do sexually. However, I do feel that contraceptives are inexpensive and accessible enough that I shouldn't have to pay for them through my taxes. I also feel that my government shouldn't be promoting promiscuous sex as though condoms are the answer to all STDs and promiscuous behavior.


Note to asshole: oral herpes can be spread via mouth-to-mouth contact, which is unaffected by either condoms or birth control pills. I mean, it's one thing to not understand that birth control is a class of medication that is used to treat multiple medical conditions that affect women and to additionally believe that covering women's medication causes them to be slutty and further to not grasp that the medication can be very expensive depending on which formula they are and to even still not realize that none of your tax dollars are buying birth control pills for slutty women.


But to use all of those things as justification for promoting the ideas that only men's health matters, that men receive STDs from women through no action of their own, and to promote this idea via proliferation of an STD that you can get from KISSING?

Oh, and apparently, he doesn't get coverage under the ACA; only women do. Because [standard problem regarding the launch of every new website evar] that apparently women and only women can get around.


Man, some people are too stupid to be allowed a paid platform on which to speak.

ETA: I also love that according to his cartoon, in addition to men not actually being responsible for having sex with women— only women are— if he has sex with a woman who is on birth control and the condom breaks, he'll have to pay child support? Seriously, what does child support have to do with birth control pills being a bad thing? Birth control pills help prevent child support; it's in the name.