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Today's lesson in "How NOT to do P.R."🤔😑😂

I don’t know how many of y’all have seen this yet, since it’s a weekend.

But i FIRMLY expect it’s gonna be EVVVVVERYWHERE on the talk-news shows tomorrow morning, at the rate United is PR-FAILing

It pretty much started with this tweet a few hours ago. About a young girl (or a few?) who was pulled out of the boarding line for a flight from Denver to Minneapolis/St. Paul international airport (MSP for short), because she was wearing Gray Leggings, and wasn’t allowed to get on, until she had a dress on OVER the leggings😒.



It HAS already been picked up by both online news sites and the WAPO (full disclosure, i also tweeted a few of our local news folks, to make sure THEY were on this story, because it involves a flight to MSP).

Celebrities are Tweeting it:


Guys, UNITED’s folks have Doubled Down, AND they’re STILL DIGGING!😂


It’s going viral, in real-time, and the threads are HILARIOUS, because the person(s?) Tweeting for UAL isn’t backing down!😨

It’s got SO much: Sexism, the sexualization of children, power-tripping, a lack of understanding of the most BASIC of P.R./H.R. skills, so.many.things!


This is the kind of episode that will be taught in Marketing, Hospitality, PR, & HR classes as “A classic example of What.NOT.to.Do!”

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