I’m at my complex’s pool because I’m leaving the dogs alone while I’m still close enough by to hear if they start barking. The pool is empty except two grade school kids maybe 8 and 10.

As soon I got into the pool, they started basically following me around and jumping in together as close to me as they could get without hitting me. Each time I moved to another part of pool, they followed me and did it again. Their mother said absolutely nothing. After they’d done it about 4 times, I politely asked if they would please jump a little farther away from me.

At which point their mother said, “They’re having fun in the pool, and they can do whatever they want. Girls, jump as close to her as you want.”

It’s a large pool. It’s EMPTY. And not only are the kids following me around and splashing me for other reason than that they can, their mother is encouraging them.

People SUCK.