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Today's Rage Stroke

Over on Naked Capitalism on the daily links, they are discussing the current events at the University of Virginia.

There was a very exhaustive article in Rolling Stone about the epidemic proportions of the rape culture at UVA (TW: Rape)


So, I love Naked Capitalism. I read it every day, and I think the world of the people that run the site and work to keep people in their audience informed. The comments are normally very well thought out and the commenters are generally kind and courteous. Today however, I saw this comment:

I hear ya. People can do crazy shit to each other, and to themselves (bulimia, anorexia, mutilation) for reasons that even they don't know and can't comprehend.

But for stories like this one there's a larger metanarrative that governs what people choose to believe. There's no way we'll ever know what happened to that young girl in that fraternity house. If the circumstances turn into a criminal trial, I have no doubt we'll hear another side of the story that is quite different from the RS narrative. Why do people who weren't there and don't know anything about any of the people involved except what they read on the internet believe what they believe? That's another angle on what by any account is unambiguously a horrible situation.

So here is my response:

Scylla November 23, 2014 at 5:14 pm

"There's no way we'll ever know what happened to that young girl in that fraternity house."

Seems she told the story pretty well, and it looks to me like you are already discounting her account.

Your statements are an excellent example of how effectively rape culture has been internalized by so many people.

Look at what a woman goes through when she reports her rape. Her entire past history and behavior is dredged up for all to study. Studies consistently show that only a fraction of rapes are reported, and only a small fraction of those result in a conviction. Funny that so many people think a woman would subject herself to such scrutiny and persecution because she "regretted" a sexual encounter, or is simply angry at some guy.

Add to that toxic mess the financial incentive that UVA administration has to cover up these acts, and anyone can see that there are predatory people who will not only take advantage of such a situation, but teach others to do so as well.

My partner was gang raped under very similar circumstances, and she did not report her assault either.

People like you are part of the problem.

What the hell is wrong with people?

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