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The 2013-14 Premier League season begins today! This is what I live for on weekends for nine months of the year, and this is the first season for 10 years I'll have the pleasure of watching in the UK! No more waking up at a silly hour to watch games on pixelated pirated Al Jazeera streams for me!

Most of my American friends don't understand my passion and obsession for football (soccer), and even my SO regards me with a mix of confusion and "backing-away-slowly" when I really get into matches, cheering and yelling at the TV. I think we all have obsessions/hobbies/etc. that confound or friends and loved ones, require us to get up at ungodly hours, and have the potential to ruin our days or leave us walking on air for the next 24 hours.


So, GT-ers, what is your completely illogical obsession? How do you deal with the stares elicited by your crazy passion?

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