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Today's thrift finds

I'd like to thank rich people for not using their things, which I then buy for cheap. You just keep doing you.

I went fancy thrifting today in a nice town, which isn't really like regular thrifting, it's more like buying things on sale. OK, some things are marked up waaaayy too high (it's cute and it's got birds on it, but how does one justify paying $13 for a second hand Old Navy shirt?), but that's not what you go for. I'm never going to buy a new accessory again, it's like the land of nice, barely used handbags and sunglasses and scarves and and and. Why not go and pay polyester money for silk things if you need to buy an outfit for an upcoming occasion? Sign me up. Thank you, rich people.

Today's finds:

Kensie Binda boots, on Amazon in my size (these are my size, guys, not a half size off, my size) for $148.95, I paid $40. They aren't remotely worn in and have no tread wear. The stickers are still on the soles, these have never been worn.


And this bag, which is a much coveted-by-me warm gray. I have no idea what it cost new, but it's also completely unworn, it was either used once or by a meticulously fastidious person. It's People in Motion by David and Scotti, which I think is an Italian brand? Anyway, it's really nice leather and was $7.


I feel like I scored.

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