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Today's Top Pet Peeve

I work in a job where, though I am not a Manager in the sense that I have any employees, I occupy a kind of quasi-Managerial role when it comes to advice. I also handle the "angries" if they can't be pacified by normal agents/sales reps.

Often people will come to me when they're not sure how to handle something with a client and my usual pleasant greeting is "No, go away" (to make them laugh, honest) but I'm quite happy to help someone with a problem.


What I'm not happy to do is listen to a long, detail-filled explanation of the basic problem, to which I offer a reasonable solution and then sit there when they go on to add extra detail.

No, no — I get it. I get what's happening. I'm giving you a solution I've used many times that always works. But what I mostly get is that you don't want to go back and talk to the client because they're a little cranky. And no, you're not going to make me realize that the problem's actually way more complicated than I first thought and can't I just, like, handle it personally? Put on your big girl pants, offer them my solution and THEN if they aren't satisfied, pass them to me.

I understand that I got this job because I find this easier than most people, but holy hell at least be up front about what you want from me. My time is not endless and expendable — chances are I was actually doing, y'know, work. And asking me to take the call is a lot faster than having me sit through a 5 minute play-by-play.

Any advice for dealing with this?

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