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Today's Travel Poll (3 Questions)

(Background for question 1.) Malaysia Airlines, Scoot Airlines, and AirAsia X have all created child-free portions in the cabins of their aircraft. Scoot Airlines and Air Asia X have designated child-free sections of the aircraft, while Malaysia Airlines bans children in parts of the aircraft or in certain classes of travel. Two other airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia are also thinking about doing the same. (An example below)

In an opposite move, instead of having child-free sections, Etihad Airways a couple years ago, introduced flying nannies. These staff members take the children off of parents hands, by giving them goody bags, refilling milk bottles, providing strollers and special meal options for children and babies, as well as reading and nighttime stories.


(Question 1) With this in mind... Would you prefer:

A. Child-free sections of the plane?

B. A dedicated childcare assistant on the flight?

C. Neither.

(Background for question 2.) More and more airlines are introducing a Premium Economy class, with larger seats (not lie-flat), priority check-in, food options, and increased baggage allowance, for example. However, the seats in this class do not recline fully. This can be upgraded for a fee.


On the other hand, Air New Zealand, China Airlines (Taiwan), and Azul Airlines (Brazil), are introducing special seats (for a fee) where the footrests can form a bed of sorts that can fit up to two adult persons, three small children or an adult and two children.


(Question 2) Do you prefer....

A. A reclined seat with extra features.

B. To pay a small fee for the chance to lie-down.

C. Neither

(Background for question 3.) Some airlines have a stand-up bar on long distance flights, (Korean Air even has a duty free shop onboard certain aircraft) while others prefer to have a self-serve snack bar onboard. Stand-up bars and lounges are meant to try to get passengers to socialize with one another, especially on long flights. Others prefer the self-serve areas, as it is less distracting to other passengers.


(Question 3) Which do you prefer?

A. In-flight alcohol bar & possibly a lounge.

B. A self serve snack bar with sandwiches, drinks, and bottled water.

C. None of this.

Iā€™d love to hear what you all have to say, and thanks for responding!

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