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Tom Brady Wants To Be Ultimate GOAT Targeting Michael Jordan, Brady Wins In EGO

Yes it can be argued safely Brady is the GOAT of NFL Quarterbacks but that’s it. Football is specialized. Brady would not approach being in the class of Walter Payton the LB GOAT or Jerry Rice the WR GOAT. Nor would either men have been QB GOATs.

Basketball is as different for a QB as playing LB. Brady is not going to walk on the Bulls court and lead them to a Championship. Neither would have Jordan done that for the Bears. Although if Jordan went into football when young he more then likely would have been the greatest whatever position he would have chosen. But he would not have by winning basketball championships then next season play football.

Also does Brady help himself since Jordan not only had to play offense but also defense. Not just pass the ball but catch it too, steal the ball, dribble, block.


I think Brady should be happy with the title greatest NFL QB GOAT.

Now for longevity I think he could compare himself with Nolan Ryan who had no hitted in his 40s. Although I am positive Brady could never walk up to the mound at Fenway and throw a no hitter.

There are few great 40 something athletes.


Oh the Ultimate GOAT without question Jim Thorpe won in the Olympics in track and field, played professional baseball and football.


No Tom you are NO Jim Thorpe.

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