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Tom Daley clarifies his sexuality! Or does he?

So, the buzz in the LGTBQ* world seems to be that Tom Daley finally came out and said that he was Gay and not Bisexual. I mean, just look at these headlines:

Tom Daley: I'm definitely gay not bisexual

Tom Daley Isn't Bisexual: "I Am a Gay Man Now"

Breaking: Tom Daley is now gay – and yep, that means he doesn’t fancy girls anymore


And literally hundreds more. Sounds pretty cut and dry doesn't it? I mean, he's quoted as saying "I am a Gay Man Now"!

I can't embed the clip but - Here's the video of what happened on a British show that all these headlines are coming from.

It happens within the first 5 seconds - the host asks Tom Daley point blank if he's a "Gay man now" (his words). And Tom Daley responds with "I am". Or what sounds reasonably close to "I am".. it also kind of sounds like "I uhh.." because he's laughing somewhat nervously.

Maybe I'm just nitpicking here but "I am" in response to an out of the blue question on TV in front of a studio audience is a far cry from "I am a gay man now" - or him saying that he still fancies girls in a youtube video in his own words. It just seems like half the media was admonishing everyone (well, bisexuals) for calling him bisexual when he didn't use any label himself - but now are flipping their collective shit about how he's Gay because he responded in the affirmative (maybe) to a direct yes or no question.


I know I'm sensitive here but it seemed like bisexuals got a bit of a representation (of a man no less) from a popular figure. And through it all there were shouts of "He's just gay and doesn't want to admit it!" and "Why do we need to label everything!!" (which curiously seems to only come up for labels people are uncomfortable with. No one seems to care if someone is labeled Gay or Straight). Now this is being pounced on as further proof that bi men are just gay men who can't come out of the closet. Near as I can tell the people who were screaming about not assigning a label he hasn't claimed yet should be yelling just as loudly here. But I don't see much of that - just a lot of "I told you so".

Is this just another in a long line of "(celebrity) claims they are bi, despite being married to a (gender)" or outright ignoring celebrities who've said they are bisexual by just labeling them allies, or gay? Or am I completely overreacting here? We get told that bisexuals don't have any community (like Gays and Lesbians) and that maybe we should stop using that word. But it's kind of hard to build up community in the public eye when prominent figures are dismissed when they come out.


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