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Tom Lennon On The Power Of The Mustache

Tom Lennon, Lt. Dangle on Reno 911, gave an interview with TV critic Alan Sepinwall (who everyone should read regularly) about being the boss on Sean Saves The World. In it, Lennon is asked about growing his mustache back.

Tom Lennon: Well, you know what, here's what's weird about the mustache is it's like the beginning of a superhero movie, which is like you're not sure if you're supposed to have like – you have it at first and you're like this is weird, this is weird, and then one day you look at it and you're like, no. Now I'm complete. This is what I was always supposed to look like. That's the part of the mustache to be dangerous about. When you know that – it's like when Sweeney Todd gets his razors back.

And then

(Jenny Lennon, who’s been standing with us, interjects.)

Jenny Lennon: Just go ahead and say what we refer to it as.

Tom Lennon: “Mustache discount.” When I have the mustache, I look like Lieutenant Dangle.


Jenny Lennon: And he looks like a character that people recognize, and so we'll be at IHOP or something and they're like, "Have another plate of pancakes. You were thinking about this flavor, so we'll just give it to you."

Tom Lennon: They just give you stuff for free. We call it the mustache discount.

Jenny Lennon: I mean, not huge stuff.

Tom Lennon: I'm talking about, like, an extra order of pancakes. One more glass of ripple or whatever. It's not the biggest stuff. People aren't giving you Teslas. They're just giving you a waffle.

A waffle, people! A waffle! Such is the power of the mustache!

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