I like Tom Waits, but I've never, as far as I know, owned any of his albums. I have a 13 year old son who becomes obsessed with things like songs or books or movies and when he needs that thing, he NEEDS IT. It's way beyond normal kid need, this autism obsession.

He's at his father's for the week while I'm home recovering from surgery. This morning my ex calls me asking "did we have a cd with a song about "hey little birds fly away home" and a few other lyrics, then mentions Rain Dog. I said those are Tom Waits songs. He said L asked why he couldn't find them. Thus began a round of questioning to figure out exactly where he heard them, because it wasn't simply on Rain Dogs, no. It was apparently on some sort of compilation album. L has difficulty remembering verbal information, but his visual memory is pretty much flawless, so when he says the CD cover was yellow and sparkled and there were 18 songs and Jockey Full of Bourbon was 17 (I think that's what he said, he was throwing facts at me like Sherlock) I KNOW those things are all correct. He also mentioned Los Lobos! So I sort of assume it's a cover or tribute album of Waits songs? I have no idea.

So I'm coming to ask you musical and cultural geniuses to please help me. You will have the undying gratitude of a 13 year old boy with autism and his sad and frustrated parents.