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Tomato Lovers, Rejoice!

Unless you’ve got a green thumb or an heirloom hookup, you’re probably not too impressed with the state of grocery tomatoes these days. They’re flavorless and add little to sandwiches and salads, let alone by themselves. But today (actually, for a few years now, I’m a litte behind on my tomato science literature), there is new hope!

I just came across this Slate feature on Dr. Harry Klee and his pursuit of the perfect tomato (along with the total lack of interest by commercial outlets). Among the comments, I found this little gem: “Looks like you can get seeds from the University of Florida: http://hos.ufl.edu/kleeweb/newcul…



That’s right, for a $10 donation, Dr. Klee will send* you 20 seeds, each, of the Garden Gem and the Garden Treasure (which is partly Brandywine — drool). I’ve missed this season’s planting but I can’t wait to get these going next year!


Note: They plan to follow-up with donors to get feedback on how these fare in varying climates. You could be a part of tomato research!

For more info:



Illumination (never been to this site before but their graphic really puts the state of grocery tomatoes in perspective)


* Unless you’re in New Zealand.

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