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So yeah, growing up, Tombstone was the first freezer pizza with pretensions, sort of the DiGiorno of the mid-1980s, the breath of fresh air in the arid land of cafeteria-style freezer pizzas that were mainly cardboard crusts with dank processed tomato sauce and flecks of quasi-realistic cheese and unidentifiable meats and veggie scraps.


So when my local market was selling the 9" extra cheese pies for three bucks, I picked up a few, despite my stated aversion to freezer pizza with pretensions, mostly for nostalgia's sake. And I gotta say, the old mare's held up pretty well, still tastes just like I remember. I added pepperoni slices on top, and cooked it considerably longer than the label suggested because I knew I liked it dark and crispy, but all the ingredients are there. The tomato sauce is the most noteworthy, still unsweet and tart and actually tasting vaguely of tomato, with a very gentle little spicy burn. The "extra" cheese isn't terribly abundant, but at least it tastes vaguely of mozzarella, even the processed variety. The crust, as in most freezer pizzas, is the weak spot, and it's guilty of being a little crackery, but hey, whaddaya gonna do, it's frickin' freezer pizza.

All in all, a rather pleasant walk down freezer pizza memory lane.

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