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Husband is curled next to where Madison is sleeping/hiding. He's snoring.


Her breathing is increasingly labored. She's lost what LOOKS like an absurd amount of weight in a short time. Frankly, she's taken a nose dive since Monday. She was licking her chops a lot which we confirmed is a sign of nausea. I did a Hail Mary pass and played Mean Mom, giving her an appetite stimulant AND one of the anti nausea pills left over from her chemo. This did nothing positive.

This Madison is almost completely different than the one I posted about a few days ago.

Lots of crying for both Husband and I.

Home euthanization and separate cremations cost.... A lot. So we may just go to the emergency vet where she had her surgery in April. Our vet isn't open till Monday.


Ah.... The crying. To repeat, it'll happen tomorrow.

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