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Tomorrow I drive from Texas to Indiana...

The day is already here. I'm not looking forward to driving for a long time (I'm not a big fan of driving in general). It's gonna be me and my mom and we may hang out in Memphis for a while.

I've been getting anxious and been tired lately from packing and generally everyone asking me if I'm ready. I feel bad but I had been getting a little annoyed with people asking me that a lot. I know it's a normal thing to ask but it's like "I don't know...Mixed emotions..."

I just wanna be there. I've been a bit stressed out and tired from the build up. I saw a lot of my friends last week and saw my cousin and her family on Saturday.


I didn't get to see my best friend go back to another country to finish her master's because she was "busy" with her family and her "new boyfriend" that she just met like a week ago or something. I was disappointed but I have to let her be and worry about myself right now.

So yes I'm excited to move and I'm kinda excited for the road trip part of it (just not excited to actually drive). This will be my first time driving for longer than 2 or 3 hours sooooo...

Anyway, any good thoughts, GIFs, or whatever would be nice. Or just say hi. :)

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