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Tomorrow is 6 Weeks

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And I swear my foot looks worse. I'm getting really bummed out about this.

So 6 weeks ago I broke my foot. I was really hoping I'd have been doing better by now. My whole foot up to the start of my toes and part of my ankle is still completely tinted an awful looking shade purplely blue. There isn't a whole lot of swelling left, but I am still quite sore all around.


The stiffness from being stuck in the same position is worse than I thought it would be, but since I can take this thing on and off, I can move around a bit to relieve it somewhat. Its still so sore on the bottom of my foot, and the top of my foot...fuck it sucks.

Yes, it has improved a lot since I broke it, but man this cast and the immobility that comes with it is really getting me. It's sorer than it was last week, but I think that's because I pushed it too much. Now I'm paying for it.


I'm pretty miserable right now. I just want this cast gone and my foot to be better. I'm so sick of the crutches, the boot, the hobbling around, being sore and being stuck on my ass most of the time. The only decent thing this morning was trying out one of the MAC eye-shadows I got with a Christmas gift card. It's called Gilt By Association, and it's fucking beautiful. Seriously, what used to take a three colour blend I can do with this one gorgeous shadow. I haven't been able to afford MAC in years, and it's got me feeling pretty fancy, I must admit.

I guess I shall just go drown my pain and sorrow by going on a Candy Crush bender. Unless any of you all have magic healing powers that you haven't told me about. Wishful thinking?

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