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Tomorrow is Christmas Eve

Well tomorrow my mother and I are hitting 2 grocery stores and Target. The day before is great at grocery stores for markdowns for Bundt Cakes, Xmas candy, fruit cakes. Then after we will go to the Chinese restaurant for a platter of Lo Mein and a platter of Mooshi Shrimp and bring home what we don't finish.

I miss growing up the Xmas Eve tradition was my parents, my mother's mom (my grandmother) would go 30 miles to my grandmother's sister's daughter house. She died a few years ago, my grandmother is probably telling her "I told you so but you just would not listen."

She was a fantastic cook, sadly diabetic. She made fantastic spinach pita thick with spinach and feta cheese with a crisp topping. Baklava with sweet mouth watering honey glaze. Greek cookies loaded with butter. Well she loooved butter. Dried beef that she made, far better then the strips you buy at checkout counters. Along with her "one slice per person" fruitcake. A good size fruitcake freshly made, as it cools she would pour an entire bottle of brandy on top. She got gifts from us but her food and time she put cooking it was her gift to us. Best gifts ever, know why? Lifetime of memories. Far better then physical gifts.


Of course she never put in any substitutes to compensate for her diabetes. So if it needed butter or sugar thats what she put into it. She believed "thats what the needle is for, I can eat what I want". Ooops big mistake.

I miss those days at her home. Yet I am looking forward to grocery shopping, Target and Chinese restaurant. New tradition.

What are your special memories? Foods?

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