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Tomorrow is my birthday--prepare to help me welcome a new age I will pretend to be.

My birthday is tomorrow. I'm off work and have spent the past day being massaged, painted, waxed, exfoliated, sea-kelped, clay masked and pampered like a Hilton sister. And yes, I'm shopping like a fiend and plan on doing more all day tomorrow. (The BF has some 'awesome surprise' for me. I'll let you know if it was good or if it was a picture of him with the World's Biggest Beer Bottle or something.)

And look, Facebook already got me this sleazy, sad piece of spam. (I HAVE FOUND TRUE LOVE FOREVER)


Don't worry. I'll remind you plenty that tomorrow is my birthday. Because you're also going to help me pick a new age I'm going to pretend to be for the next 365 days. I was thinking '29' because I think I have exhausted the early and mid twenties with most of my close friends/inner circle. But that's not final yet.

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