Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Tomorrow is my last day at shitty retail job :)

I could not be more excited about leaving. Yes, after all the bitching I did on here I stuck it out longer. However, they put me on the schedule for next week (lol they're so funny). I guess people were misinformed when telling me I had to have a conversation with management if I wanted to stay since I was under the impression I had to ask to stay...I guess I could have just quit when I wanted to! Oh well, I'll be getting some extra money so there's that.

I told a manger (the nice manager) that I was leaving last night after closing and she was cool with it so hopefully she told someone today so they could take me off the schedule. I'll see how tomorrow goes and even if they give me 'tude I will just roll my eyes and finish my shift and leave. :)


Oh Shitty Retail Job, you have taught me so much in 2 months but fuck you, I gotta go...

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