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Welcome To The Bitchery

Never mind what I said in a previous post about voting for a Republican. I accidentally left my DOB off of my voter registration form. By law completed registrations in my state can’t be processed within 24 days of an election. Since my registration was submitted by mail on the deadline, it was impossible to correct my mistake.

The state elections web site also said you could fill out voter registration forms at the post office, but the post office I went to said they didn’t do voter registration there, so I waited in a super long line for no reason.


The good news is there’s a school board election or something on April 5th, so . . . yay?

If I were voting, I’d probably go with Kasich. He has little or no chance at all but I can’t quite stomach the others. I’ve sort of lost my appetite for debating which Republican is the least bad brand of terrible.

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