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Tomorrow is the big move day

My stuff is all in the truck. Junk all hauled away. Cats got their rabies shots, and one of them got groomed (and apparently she gave the groomer kisses the whole time!). I didn’t clean as much as I wanted/intended to - I’m just too worn out.

We finally got the lease from the broker, but he is hedging now on our move-in date. The sublet I was supposed to have next week still hasn’t been approved by the university (university off-campus housing), but our airbnb for tomorrow is set. We fly in the morning - and I will probably need an ativan to get through it!

I have meetings at my new university all day Thursday, and a happy hour at the end of the day. Seems like it will be an exhausting and good day!


So, think good, calm, kitty thoughts tomorrow - I hope they don’t cry so much the denizens of the plane vote us off!

Thank you everyone for all of your advice, support, and help! Onto a new chapter in my life!

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