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Tomorrow, we feast!

First, thanks to everyone for their delicious ideas and recipes last night. The comment thread's filled with yummy, yummy stuff!

I'd planned on cooking and baking today but after hot yoga, a lazy lunch and decor shopping with Homey, that plan fizzled.


So, now I'm planning recipes and grocery lists for tomorrow. Here's what's up:

Tomorrow, I'll be baking apple crisp and pumpkin bread. I can throw those together pretty quickly and they'll make the whole house warm and yummy-smelling.

While that stuff bakes, I'll throw together this veggie pot pie, a favorite in the Heart household. Don't let the gross-looking picture fool you, it's NUMMERS. It also freezes and reheats really well.

And, since there's a fair amount of overlap in ingredients and I'll be chopping all day anyway, I'll also make Nava Atlas's curried lentil potato cauliflower soup. This is another favorite that just gets better each day it's in the fridge. Pair it with a crusty bread, dish up some apple crisp after, and you've got a filling meal. Yum!


How about y'all? Who's cooking/baking this weekend and what's on your menu?

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