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Tomorrow's the WORST Day

Seriously. Worst teaching day of the year.

First day of school? They're happy to see their friends, afraid of you, and so things are smooth.

Last day of school? They're afraid of high school, already miss you, and just want another year together.


Day before Christmas break? Little hellions who realize you like them, know they won't get homework, know that you'll forget to punish them next year, and DEMAND to do nothing.

And I turn into the skid! Today we wrote essays that I picked apart. Tomorrow, we're playing Jeopardy and snacking.

After my long ass day, faculty meeting, having to go to my college and flirt/teacher voice my way into some random dude's room 'cuz he had a printer (shout out to Craig!) because my school's entire phone/internet set up collapsed after school, stuck in 128 traffic for an hour only to have to turn back because bestie was crying, I made brownies.

We're having a brownie competition in homeroom tomorrow and overachiever Ms. Jinx made from scratch peppermint cream cheese frosting brownies and smores brownies.


I'd love to collapse, but idiot Jinx had a double espresso with dinner.


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