Welcome To The Bitchery

What are you doing tonight? Tonight I..

-hung up new, cheap curtains that look ultra cute with my new bed set.

-did the laundry that has been needing to be done forever.

-managed my finances a little.

-enjoyed a lot of red wine !

- deleted stupid people off of facebook, like the last guy I dated that I kept creepin'. It just needed to be done, and for some reason it feels so good to have him 100% out of my life. (I guess he's still on my linkedin.. and he also creeps me a bit on OKC, but WHATEVER.)


- made my family a delicious steak dinner. I surprised myself by making it perfectly!

-Now I will read Orange is the new Black because I loved the netflix series a bunch and the book is so good.

I am also a little drunk and my friend from work got fired today for not meeting sales goals. Even though I'm number one I think that really struck me as "OMG, that could be me in a few months." So here's to more wine...now.

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