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Tonight, I Am a Cramp.

Ugh. I had to work today, and it was fine, though it was the longest afternoon ever. I swear, it was 1 1/2 hrs longer than all the other afternoons. I came home & decided to watch tv from a horizontal position on the couch. This was a brilliant idea. Because now that I'm not focused on working, I can focus fully on being a cramp. When I start to forget that that's what I'm supposed to be, I start to lose feeling in my extremities because all of the feeling is being pulled toward the cramp. I want to go downstairs and make myself an ice cream sundae with the cherry goop that was leftover from cheesecake, but I'm too busy being a cramp. Just one, massive, weekend-halting cramp. So I think I'll just stay right here, under the warm, ratty blanket, and feel gravity pull me into the foam of the couch cushions, until I forget my main purpose this evening, and my body reminds me.


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