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Tonight I Was Possessed By Emily Gilmore

And I'm...not sure how to feel about that. I love me some Kelly Bishop, I know I'm much more stringent on social etiquette than most people, but I need your opinions on whether I'm being a bitch of all world or not.

A very good friend of mine recently moved back to LA, and had to travel almost immediately to be a production coordinator in another state. She had no idea what to do for the car, so I offered to look after it while she was gone, as long as she was ok with my driving it around town for errands (she was, NBD).

I've had the car for about a month, but her show wrapped early very unexpectedly, so I've been trying to track her down to get her transport back to her. We agreed on tonight, at a very nice Greek restaurant. I made reservations, made sure the car had a full tank of gas, and got it washed & waxed (hey, she DID let me use it - only seemed fair and polite).


Tonight, 45 minutes before our reservation, she called the whole thing off and asked me to keep the car until Sunday, when it would be more convenient for her and her boyfriend.

I was livid. Here I was, having spent $45 on gas and $15 for a car wash, plus a nice evening out for four, only to get a text cancellation 45 minutes before?? Let's not forget the part where I offered to take (pay) for my mechanic to look at her car because the check engine light was on.

Now I have to figure out how to keep the car legally parked for at least three more days, go to a bar to watch football to meet them (I am trying not to drink and actively hate the bar that was chosen), all to give back a car that isn't mine and was driven only under the parameters we first agreed upon (in town only, no farther than 15 miles in one direction total).

Right now, I'm filled with indignant rage over the fact that I strictly adhered to my end of the bargain plus threw in a full tank of gas and car wash because I thought it was a right thing to do. Her reason for backing out tonight? "I found a good parking spot in Hollywood."


Ok, TRUE, HWood is THE WORST place on Earth to find parking, but wtf? And to cancel an hour before our plans??? I want to throw a full on Emily Gilmore fit about how fucking rude that is.

Am I totally out of line to feel this way? I never mind doing the little and unexpected extra things to make my friends happy, but canceling in this manner really feels shitty to me. Am I being oversensitive?



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