So, we've had recent issues with our heating system in our apartment (ancient steam radiators leaking...) and our landlords never have professionals come in to fix things - always their "handyman" son. So they want to come in and repaint our bedroom and a pipe that has some rust staining. The thing is, they're trying to repaint around or on hot areas, so it won't even stick, never mind the inconvenience of making us move out all of our stuff from our bedroom. By the way, they never repainted before we moved in, so really, is it that big of a deal that they do it now?

Anyway, my husband is on the phone talking about the settings to the heating system and our landlord is being completely ridiculous and insulting to my husband. Then my husband essentially has to stop him, saying "No, I know how this works. Do you realize I'm a physicist. I work for MIT. I understand what's happening." Sooo uncomfortable. I'm in the background trying to make him remain calm so we don't completely ruin or rapport with them.

So happy we're moving/buying a home.